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【Cancellation charge】

If you want to cancel your reservation, it will be as follows.

<From 7 days before>

Cancellation fee: 100%

Our restaurant has a small number of seats, and the ingredients are purchased and prepared before the reservation date.

Please understand the cancellation policy.

Reservation time

Our store starts at 18:00.

Please come and visit us with plenty of time.

You can enter the store 15 minutes before.



【Camera shooting】

Please refrain from using the shutter sound or flash when taking pictures inside the store so as not to disturb other customers.


Please refrain from wearing strongly scented products, such as perfumes or hair conditioners, as they may disturb other guests.

*You may be refused entry and your order will be treated as a cancellation.

【Bringing in】

There is an additional charge for bringing in wine and other beverages.

*Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any allergies or are intolerant of seafood.

*Children are limited to junior high school students and above who can eat the course for one person.


Inquiries by phone

If you are in a hurry, please contact us by phone.


​Business hours 18:00-22:00

(18:00 start only one rotation)

(Sunday/Monday Closed)

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